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Buzzbox 18650 / 26650 Battery Tester


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Product Description

Buzzbox 18650 / 26650 Battery Tester (The Original 18650 / 26650 Battery Tester)

Need a great and fast way to check your 18650 and 26650 batteries for your tube mod or box mod?  Want to clean up some of  the clutter your multimeter and test leads leave in the old vape drawer?  Maybe you don’t check your battery voltage at all! Battery safety is one of the most important things to take into consideration when vaping and especially when Sub-ohming.  Here at Buzzbox Mod we highly stress the importance of checking your batteries every time before use.  If you need a simple way to check your 18650 batteries and 26650 batteries accurately and fast the Buzzbox 18650 / 26650 Battery Tester is a great tool to add to your collection.

The Buzzbox Battery Tester is 100% made designed and manufactured right here in house.  This is a brand new way to accurately check the voltage of your 18650 batteries and 26650 batteries.  The Buzzbox Battery Tester uses no batteries in order to operate, so throw it in your bag or leave it by your vape gear and don’t worry about keeping it charged or anything like that.  This battery tester is always ready when you are!

The Volt Meter housed inside this enclosure is very accurate and can measure voltage down to 2.80 volts.  That means if the voltmeter stays blank your batteries are long over due for a Charge.  Fully charged 18650 and 26650 batteries are fully charged when the tester reads 4.20 volts.

This Battery tester not only checks the voltage of your 26650 batteries, but it also will check the voltage of 18650 batteries.  Since these are two of the larges and most common battery sizes in the vape market we decided to start with these sizes.  There will soon be adapters added to the site to allow you to test many other size batteries like 18350, 14500, 18550,  and more!

The Buzzbox Battery Tester is very compact in size. Measuring only 31mm wide, 109mm long and 24mm tall on the Voltmeter end.  This is the Perfect size to hold the voltmeter and batteries.

All Battery Testers are 3d Printed, Built and Tested in house.  Standard lead times are 1 week to Ship and 3-5 days shipping times.  Because this item is tailored to the person ordering (i.e. color of device and color of Voltmeter installed) there will be no returns or refunds of any kind.


All volt meters are calibrated wihin +/- .03 volts




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